Monday, 6 February 2012

The Stone Roses Live At Bristol Bierkeller, Bristol 1989

Year: 1989

Another of the hardest of all Roses bootlegs to find. Recorded live at Bristol Bierkeller on 29.06.1989.

At one point, until recently, I wasn't sure if this boot even existed, until I ripped it from cassette to mp3 with my own hands! One of my favourite Roses boots for sure.


1.  Intro / I Wanna Be Adored   5:17
2.  Elephant Stone   3:37
3.  Sally Cinnamon   4:06
4.  Made Of Stone   4:50
5.  Waterfall   5:00
6. She Bangs The Drums   4:01
7.  Where Angels Play   4:20 
8.  Shoot You Down   4:49
9.  Standing Here   4:24
10.  I Am The Resurrection   10:20

Password: sallycinnamon

The final bootleg provided by my man Scott in Liverpool - Can't say anymore that hasn't already been said, but thank you very much again buddy.

An interview for Musicbox, with Ian Brown and John Squire in 1989:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -